This makes me want to order some pizza. (Peter Fever)


What a lucky pizza delivery boy! Maybe we’ll be blessed with a mistaken pizza delivery one day! Enjoy this hot Peter Fever scene!

Lying in bed between two guys is a dream come true, until I realized they weren’t the ones who ordered the pizza. I still had a large salami to deliver and I still needed to get dressed. As I was about to leave, this buff guy comes walking up the stairs. I thought maybe he might have ordered the pizza.
“I’m the pizza guy and I have a large salami,” I said. Next thing you know he grabs me and shows me how big his salami is, and man was it big.
“Oh fuck! He’s huge,” was all I could think about as I took his cock it in my ass. I never thought delivering pizzas would have these benefits. Just think, I have three more large salami’s in the car that I still need to deliver.

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