Marc Sage and Randy Faulkner prove that brunettes can just be as sexy as blondes (Staxus)


I’ve heard that you’re supposed to call male “blondes” as “blonds” instead. I wonder if we should call “brunette” boys “brunos”? Anyway, enjoy “brunos” Marc and Randy!

There’s always a lot of fuss surrounding blonds and about how hot and sexy they can be, but we defy anyone not to be completely blown away by these two handsome dark-haired beauties. Marc Sage is the thicker-lipped of the pairing, Randy Faulkner being slightly finer featured (but by no means no less attractive in any way); and by the time they’ve each pulled away their underwear whilst smooching together on the couch, we reckon there’s every possibility that you’ll be head-over-heels in lust with them both! And why shouldn’t you be?

These lads are prime sex-gods at their very zenith, and you only have to watch Sage slurping away on Faulkner’s ramrod with those engorged lips of his to know that both of these boys have a great future ahead of them in porn if they so choose.

If anything it’s Sage – the more experienced of the coupling – who shifts the gears, so to speak; but that remark should take nothing away from Faulkner, who gives his pal’s ass a hearty rimming and who eases his dick into Sage like a real pro.

No surprise that he’s soon spewing the entire contents of his nut-sac over Faulkner’s chin – a feisty spunk-fest that’ll have you jerking off in no time!

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