Joey Lafontaine has a mean curved dick (Squirtz)


Wow, that is one curvy cock! It would be fun to suck – after making out with cute Joey, of course! Enjoy his solo scene!

Joey Lafontaine is an adorable, boyish 18 year old, whose face lights up with a smile every time he talks with you. He may be pretty, but Joey likes to work with his hands and wants to study car mechanics or even work in a mine. His love of sports, like hockey, badminton, swimming and working out, keep him in good shape, with a lean athletic body. Sexually, Joey is bisexual and loves being both top and bottom equally. When he’s with girls he leans to the romantic side, and when he’s with guys, it’s just pure sex. Thankfully his first experience with a guy was so wonderful, that he knew right away he wanted to embrace that side of his sexuality more. And we have a feeling he likes it even more than he realizes.

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