Sexy country boy Erik gets a full service massage (Southern Strokes)


I want to massage Erik too! Even if it didn’t involve milking his nice dick…but I bet it would! Enjoy watching his massage!

We have received more requests from our members to do a Massage video with Erik than any other model.  Its gotta be a turn on to watch a straight down home Southern Country boy let a pair of old hands do what ever they want to his body.

Erik is painfully shy but for some reason he just loves to show off all his hard work at the gym and besides, doing videos for Southern Strokes is a perfect way to check out your gay tendencies without having to go and comb the bars or streets looking for a trick.

Erik showed up looking flawless as ever,  Our massage therapist told him that he didn’t have to talk but he needed to just do whatever the massage therapist says.  I’m pretty sure that Erik forgot that their was a camera in the room.  Especially since he spent just about the entire massage on all fours so we could check out his tight hole.

After teasing Erik for a good bit of time, our hands flipped him over and oiled up his muscular chest beautiful chest and abs.  Erik’s cock was standing at 1/2 mask which was hot especially when our hands strikes a nerve and his cock jumps.  Our hands finish this off if prime Southern fashion my milking out a nice country load.

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