Aiden has his fantasy come true with Ashton! (Corbin Fisher)


Hmm, porn boys seem to get to have their fantasies come true often. I guess if you have a fantasy, just tell the producer about it every time and soon you’ll be a star! Or maybe the writer just makes it up, but who cares, Aiden and Ashton fucking is hot! Enjoy!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Who knew Aiden had such a great imagination?

He’s been talking about Ashton ever since he first saw

Ashton on the site. There was something about Ashton that sparked something in Aiden. Both of them have smooth, muscular bodies and are aggressive during sex, whether they are on the top or the bottom.

Aiden borrowed an iPad and logged on to watch Ashton and Dawson fuck. Watching Ashton

fuck Dawson made Aiden so horny he couldn’t help buy pull out his massive cock and start jerking off. He fantasizes about what it would be like if Ashton’s muscular chest were pressed up against his, Ashton’s thick cock going inside his ass instead of Dawson’s and taking Ashton’s load in his mouth.

Whew! Sounds exciting! Too bad it never really happened. Or did it …?

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