Tanner unloads on Jon (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm…Corbin Fisher studs! Tanner is so muscly – what a hot top for Jon to get pounded by! Enjoy the scene!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

We may need some subtitles, y’all- it’s about to get real Southern in here …

Jon, one of my fave Southern guys here, takes on Tanner, one of hottest new freshmen who also hails from down yonder. It’s a pairing that goes together like peanuts and Pepsi!

Tanner’s one of the most laid-back guys I’ve ever met – until it comes to fucking! Jon always cracks me up whenever he’s here. Last time we joked about eating ‘gator meat … only he wasn’t joking! At least today he gets to taste some much better meat – Tanner’s.

Jon goes down on Tanner, sucking his thick dick. Tanner pushes Jon’s head down even farther onto his cock. Jon rubs Tanner’s beautiful pecs as he blows Tanner. Jon stands up so Tanner can suck his dick. Tanner works Jon’s cock, sucking and stroking it.

Jon bends over, his hands beside the mirror, and Tanner takes a trip south of the border and rims Jon’s ass. He grabs Jon’s ass cheeks tight as he drives his tongue into the heart of Dixie.

Tanner shoves his cock into Jon’s ass. At one point, Tanner is fucking Jon hard, and he looks over with a mischievous grin – this guy loves sex! He drills Jon hard, occasionally watching himself in the mirror.

Tanner lies on the bed and Jon climbs on top of his cock

and slides down on it. Tanner rubs and licks Jon’s chest as he thrusts up into him.

Jon lays on the bed and Tanner fucks him in the missionary position. He makes Jon shoot his load all over his stomach. Tanner keeps on fucking Jon, then pulls out to blast a huge load all the way up Jon’s chest and face.

Now that’s what I call some good gravy!

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