Cutie Seth Knight gets a nice pounding from sexy Genesis on the ranch (Southern Strokes)


Seth Knight seems like he’s really getting to know the studs over at the Southern Strokes ranch! This time it’s Genesis’s turn to use cute little Seth for their mutual enjoyment!

So theses two jumped on board with a twitter outburst trying to get these guys to fuck for all of us and the next thing you know we are all at the ranch raring to have a good time.

We haven’t seen Genesis at the Ranch for a while and man did he show up and make all of our mouth’s water.  Genesis has put on some muscle since the last visit, even Seth noticed that are skinny ranch hand was looking sweet.

I agreed to sit back and let these two do what ever they wanted and sure enuff, Seth immediately took control of Genesis and of the shoot.  Seth pushed Genesis back into the chair and grabbed his hard dick and worked it with his mouth.  Genesis wanted a taste of Seth’s sweet hole before he stuffed it, so he ate Seth’s ass until they both couldn’t hold off any longer.  The boys needed to fuck.

Seth climbed on top and took Genesis’ big thick cock slow and steady until it disappeared into Seth’s hole.  We all know that Genesis loves a dick inside him so Seth took over and bent Genesis over the chair and fucked the cum out of Genesis’ nut sack before he blew his own seed all over his chest.

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