Jamie Mount is hot hung bisexual British cutie (HardBritLads)


Jamie is such a sexy stud! If only I had seen a boy like him when I visited London…oh well! At least we have the opportunity to check out his nice bod and big cock now! Enjoy his solo scene!

Super cute highly sexed young bi lad Jamie Mount chats first, then strips, showing off his fit toned body, spreading his arse cheeks & fingering his tight hole as he jerks off his uncut dick before shooting hot jizz over himself. Hot stuff.

We start off with an interview, and laddish Jamie, wearing athletic sports kit, chats about being bisexual, what he is into, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Jamie standing, he lifts his sports top, giving us our first glimpse of his hot little defined body, as he plays with his nipples and rubs the bulge in his shiny sports shorts.
He takes his top off and continues working on his bulge, rubbing and squeezing it, then pulls down his sports shorts, leaving him in just his white briefs. He gropes himself some more, and his bulge grows a bit, looks semi hard now, and after a bit more groping, he pulls down his undies.
Jamies dick is uncut, and he plays with it slowly, pulling his foreskin over the end of his dick, playing with it a bit, giving us some great close ups. As he jerks off, it gets hard, and he shows it off to the camera and gives us some horny hands free shots as well.
He moves over to the sofa, and bends over the arm of the sofa to show us his arse, untrimmed and slightly hairy around his hole. He reaches round to pull his butt cheeks apart, exposing his hairy little tight hole. He starts rubbing his hole with his finger, then pushes it in a bit..
Jamie moves onto the sofa now, legs apart, and gets back into some horny cock play. His dick is rock solid, and he holds it up at the base, showing it off for the camera and giving us lots of cute little looks to camera as well. As he plays with his cock with one hand, he reaches down between his legs with the other hand, and begins rubbing his hole with his finger. This seems to make his cock really throb.
He shows off his cock some more, and starts pushing his finger in and out of his hole as he works his uncut meat. He gets into a good rhythm, jerking off a little harder and faster now as he fingers himself. He keeps this up for a bit with some very hot jerk off action.
As Jamie gets closer and closer to orgasm, his muscles tighten, and he wanks harder and faster, his breathing getting louder and heavier.. and then he starts spunking his load, shooting a couple of hot jets of jizz right the way up his chest, and as he continues pumping it out, more spunk sprays out over his sweaty six pack.
He works out the last few drops of sticky cum as he catches his breath, giving us a final, very sexy little look to camera.

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