Cash really wants Genesis to fuck him. Check out this hot scene from the ranch! (Southern Strokes)


Southern studs in hot undies! And their cocks are bulging out! That’s what Cash and Genesis are up to in this hot scene! Enjoy!

This whole pairing started about a week ago when Cash sent me a text and told me that he really need to get fuck so I told him to head up to the Ranch and I would hook him up.  My next call was to Genesis, I really wanted to see his big cock go deep on Cash’s sweet little hole

I got a text from Genesis on his drive up with a picture of his hardon in his jeans.  He was horny and totally turned and anxious to get his dick in Cash’s ass.  There wasn’t a hole lot of talking before the action started; I could tell that they were ready to go at it.

The boys traded sloppy blow job until until Cash was dripping with precum and his hole was ready to feel Genesis’ manhood.  Cash crawled up on all fours so that Genesis could make a meal out of that tight hole.  Then Genesis climbed up on the bed with him and slowly stuck his thick cock into Cash’s juicy ass.

Cash stroked his hard as Genesis went to town on his open hole.  Cash was ready to totally submit to Genesis so he let go and let Genesis take control.  Genesis starting pounding away, first on all fours, and then he made Cash ride it and then he pried up Cash’s legs and gave it to him balls deep.  All this fucking made the boys hungry so Genesis unloaded a creamy snack into Cash’s mouth and then went in for a taste himself.

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