It’s Harper and Tanner time! (Corbin Fisher)


Harper and Tanner are just two of the studly, boy-next-door-ish hotties at Corbin Fisher! Enjoy these masculine dudes as they plow and pound!

Tanner’s Southern charm makes him almost irresistible. Harley finds out he can’t resist Tanner either, and before he knows it, he’s on his knees sucking Tanner’s cock!

Harley and Tanner both are the types of guys you’d never think would be so open sexually. Harley is an athlete that wants to go into the military, and Tanner works at a factory, so you’d think these two would be the kind to down a six-pack of beer, rather than lick each others’ six-packs! Yet, Harley’s enthusiasm showed from his first day here, and Tanner’s easy-going nature and high sex drive keeps him coming back for more.

Harley’s in heaven when Tanner eats out his ass – and he gets even more ecstatic when Tanner slide his cock inside his ass and pounds him. These two fuck hard and Tanner pumps a load out of Harley’s dick that sprays all over Harley’s ripped abs. Tanner keeps fucking Harley, until he pulls out and feeds his load to Harley, who swallows it all!

Less filling than beer … and tastes great!

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