Red-headed Chino gets serviced! (Chaos Men)


Chino is a studly red-head with a cute fuzzy bottom…and he’s going to blow! Enjoy watching him get serviced!

Nothing like watching a Ginger get royally Serviced.

Chino did such a great job on his solo. He was holding back from cumming during that scene, and based on the way he jerked-off, I knew Ransom was going to have to take it easy on him or risk Chino busting too soon.

Sure enough, there are few pauses while Chino collects himself and brings himself back from launching.

I thought maybe the rimming portion would slow him, but his cock is just as hard and ready to bust as when Ransom was sucking it.

We probably shot this straight through, with only one stop to take some photos. Chino seemed super aroused by the experience, and Ransom had him busting in no time.

I think Chino was impressed!

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