Alan Parish is red hot for fellow twink Chase (8teenboy)


Chase is pretty muscular compared to fiery young Alan Parish, so it’s no wonder the red-headed twink wants a piece of his action! But it’s Alan who will be doing the topping in this hot scene!

Adorable newbie Alan Parish is a young redheaded tink with an appetite for sex. Alan Parish is just the blonde surfer twink to quell his hunger. Tossing off his jeans, Alan reveals his creamy white skin and hot little body. Out pops his yummy hard cock, and Chase doesn’t waste any time before blowing the fire-crotch. Alan rims Chase’s pink hole, and the ripped, tanned blonde wants a taste of tight ass for himself. After getting his boy-hole teased by Alan’s tongue, he hops on to his wood and rides for his life. Sweet looking Alan really gives it to Chase, causing him to shoot hot cream all over his rippled stomach.

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