Kellan and Riley go for a ride! (Corbin Fisher)


Sexy and hung Kellan is back, and he’s getting a beautiful welcome: Riley’s plump set of lips, ready to suck! Who knew a car ride could be that much fun?

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It’s so great to welcome back Kellan – and he’s loving the special backseat welcome Riley gives him on the way in from the airport!

We haven’t seen Kellan in almost two years, and he said he’s been spending a lot of time traveling when he’s not working full-time. He’s clearly been working out as well, because he looks better than ever.

Kellan never did any guy/guy stuff when he came out here before, so this will be his first time doing anything with another guy. Riley is also excited, because he’s never done anything in a car before. So, as Pete drives them down the Las Vegas Strip, Riley eagerly goes down on Kellan’s cock.

There’s something especially naughty about watching a hot guy blow another one in the backseat in broad daylight on a busy street! Kellan must have enjoyed it too, because he is hard as a rock as Riley deep-throats his cock.

Riley even manages to rim Kellan’s ass in the backseat! The sexual tension finally builds to a climax and Kellan blows a huge load all over his abs and says it was the best blowjob (and handjob) ever. He didn’t get to see much of the Strip, but I think he’s okay with that!

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