Blake and Quinn cook up something hot in the kitchen! (Corbin Fisher)


Blake and Quinn are two hung and pecstacular studs and I really want to taste what they’re cooking up! Enjoy their super hot scene!

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

Whew! It definitely got hot in this kitchen!

Quinn and Blake usually have great chemistry with anyone they’re paired with, but together, they really spark. Last time, Blake fucked Quinn and this time, Quinn is the one playing “Top Chef!”

From the second they start kissing, you can see the ingredients are all there for a delicious fuck. Quinn and Blake love sex, they love hot guys and they both love to get fucked in front of the camera. They suck each other’s cocks eagerly, and Quinn preps Blake’s hole for his dick.

Both guys look like they’re in heaven and Quinn cant keep his lips and hands off Blake’s tight body. He slides his cock into Blake after leaning him over the kitchen table. They move into the kitchen island and Quinn whets his appetite by licking and kissing Blake’s toes.

Quinn pounds Blake’s ass, fucking him from the counter to the fridge, back to the counter. Blake rides Quinn’s cock until he blows his load into Quinn’s mouth. Blake hops off so Quinn can feed him his load.

I knew putting these two in the kitchen would cook up something spicy!

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