Cameron and Chandler are just so hot! (Corbin Fisher)


Cameron is so blond and studly…those muscles, and that smile! And Chandler….Chandler is SO hung, and that cute, curly hair! I would pay just to touch Chandler’s massive cock – I don’t know what I’d do if I had the opportunity to get fucked by it! Enjoy watching this super hot scene with two of our favorite Corbin Fisher studs!

Click here to see the hot video of Cameron riding Chandler.

NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

You can imagine the jokes that Cameron made when he heard he was going to be paired up with Chandler. He had us all cracking up, and without his timing and delivery (and his facial expressions) it wouldn’t do him justice to just write down the jokes here. However, he was ready to take on this new expedition, since he’d survived “climbing Mount Aiden” and the “Eiffel Tower,” as he still calls Connor. Chandler, of course, is not only amazingly skilled at using his big dick, he’s considerate with it as well. He knows how to get someone used to it, before hauling off and pounding them. Chandler and Cameron also get along any time they are in the studio. Chandler’s so laid back that all of Cameron’s impressions, jokes and antics amuse him, and he just smiles whenever he sees Cameron.

Cameron sucks Chandler far deeper than I would have thought he could! He’s definitely learned some tricks during his time here. Chandler dips his dick deep into Cameron’s throat and when Cameron comes up for air he says, “That is so … that is so much dick.”

Chandler keeps feeding it to Cameron and plays with Cameron’s ass before he plunges his cock into him. They go nice and slow, and Cameron manages to take that huge dick.

Cameron blows his load onto Chandler’s chest. Chandler fucks Cameron until he cums inside him. It’s almost a reverse creampie, when Chandler pulls out and his cum drips out onto his cock. He sticks it right back in to creampie Cameron.

See, Cameron? You didn’t split in two after all!

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