Kellan and Lauren in another Boob Alert! (Corbin Fisher)


Kellan is just so hot, we couldn’t resist calling a Boob Alert to show him off! Lauren definitely thinks Kellan is sexy – enjoy watching them have some fun!

See the video of hottie Kellan pile driving Lauren!

Returning freshman hottie Kellan is eager to show new coed Lauren what he’s got for her. Lauren’s been having a blast since she got to campus, hungry for all the hot college dick she can get. She’s been eyeing Kellan, attracted by his handsome face and tight body.

The couple make out passionately, before Lauren sinks to her knees and sucks Kellan’s cock. Kellan enjoys the slow, deep blow job, then gets Lauren on the lounge so he can finger her pussy. Lauren plays with her tits and moans as Kellan focuses all his attention on her clit. Kellan slaps his cock against Lauren’s pussy, getting her more and more excited for him.

Kellan stuffs his cock inside Lauren. He fucks her and Lauren whimpers as he pounds her. Lauren climbs on top of Kellan’s dick to ride him. Kellan get Lauren into a reverse piledriver position and plunges his cock even harder and faster into her.

Finally, Kellan fucks Lauren doggy-style, thrusting his dick in and out of her, faster and faster, until he pulls out and blows hi thick load all over her ass!

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