Tory Mason watches Blaze Corgan and Josh Vonn (Beddable Boys)


Blaze and Josh are two twinky boys having fun in the shower, and Tory is the sexy guy watching them have their fun! Enjoy the scene!

Blaze Corgan and Josh Vonn start off with getting some wet and horny action going in the shower as they suck some dick, but it’s when they get to the bedroom that those cocks get what they really want! Gorgeous Blaze Corgan goes first, fucking Josh in his hot hole before cumming over his back. They don’t know it, but as Josh takes his turn and fucks his shaft into Blaze they have a horny muscle boy jacking off the live show! Tory Mason likes what he sees, stroking himself off as Josh delivers his load too, and then Blaze delivers as second wad of cum!

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