Boob Alert with Trenton and Tiffany (Corbin Fisher)


Trenton is so expressive! Just look at those bright eyes…we’re sure Tiffany enjoyed her time with Trenton!

It’d be quite the understatement if I simply said Trenton is a hot one. This young man could very well become one of our most popular recent additions with that face, that tight and toned body, that big dick and that endearing personality.

He has everything in place to really blow us away – we just needed to see how Trenton looks in action to make the final call!

Oh… and Trenton looks stunning in action! You all have my permission to be immensely jealous of Tiffany right now, as I most certainly am!

If you thought Trenton looked hot before, wait until you see his facial expressions when getting that thick dick sucked or when burying it in a hot hole. Further, it’s only fitting such a stud would also shoot such a massive load!

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