Blake rides Trenton (Corbin Fisher)


Trenton is some pretty fresh meat, at least when it comes to gay scenes! Enjoy watching Trenton pound a guy (lucky hottie Blake) for the first time! Enjoy!

Wow! That was a hot scene. Click here to see more at Corbin Fisher.


NOTICE: This video was filmed without the use of condoms. Individuals should be comfortable with such material before viewing.

YES! YES YES YES! Look Trenton is hot as fuck. There’s just no other way to say it. His face is flawless, his body is amazing, his cock is mouthwatering, and the instant he appeared on CF we all knew this young man had the potential to be a star. The only thing we needed was for Trenton to agree to give some guy/guy action a shot.

Well, Trenton agreed to give some guy/guy action a shot! And now we get to watch him do precisely that! With Trenton’s easy-going attitude and laid back demeanor, it actually wasn’t as hard as one might think to get him to agree to have some sex with another man on camera. He was fairly open to the idea, quite openminded in general, and wanted to make loads of money. Nonetheless, I was still ecstatic when he confirmed he’d give it a go as he’s just so damn hot and the prospect of seeing him with another man was so damn exciting!

And this young man does not disappoint! If you’re able to make it through the initial few minutes of seeing him passionately kiss a guy without blowing your load, you have quite a lot of self-control! If you’re able to get through seeing him strip off those shorts oh-so-seductively, my hat’s off to you! Within the first five minutes of the action, Trenton exudes so much sexiness you can hardly conceive of what else he has in store for the rest of this incredibly hot video!

Watch it, though, as he has plenty more to give! This stud is a natural on camera, and his facial expressions and the movements of that tight body are priceless as he gets that big dick worked over in a hungry mouth and hot hole. That hot face of his looks even hotter when he sucks his first dick for us, and even buries his tongue in another man’s ass for us. And when he fucks a guy? Well Trenton FUCKS a guy! He pounds Blake’s hole relentlessly! As if all that wasn’t enough, you absolutely have to see Trenton eating his first load.

Hold on tight, as this one is HOT!

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