Scott gets fucked by Trenton (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm mmm, we love college studs! Scott and Trenton are definitely two of them, and they’re ready to fuck! Of course there are some pretty big loads at the end – enjoy!

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This one might leave you conflicted – should you be completely thrilled to watch Trenton use that big dick of his to fuck Scott, or should you be insanely jealous of both of these guys for getting to do what they do here? Either sentiment is entirely reasonable, as these two guys are both hot as hell and the action here is scorching!

I knew Trenton would be popular when he first arrived at CF, but he still surprised me with how he took to action with another guy. Trenton is the perfect example of a young, hyper-sexual, free-spirited college stud who’s eager to embrace whatever feels good – and what feels good here is Scott’s tight ass!

As far as Scott’s concerned, it’s Trenton’s dick that feels incredible – especially as Trenton simultaneously fucks Scott’s hole and strokes his hard dick. That takes Scott over the edge, as he fires off a huge load that Trenton eagerly laps up. Trenton ends up blasting out an even more impressive load that totally paints Scott’s handsome face in cum!

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