Chandler pounds Blake (Corbin Fisher)


Oooh, Chandler! I just love Chandler and his huge cock…if only I could have it for myself! I love watching him fuck other guys, especially if they’re also super sexy like Blake! Enjoy their hot scene!

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When you pair up one of CF’s most hung studs and one of our most eager bottoms, you’re in for some intense sex!

The action is as intense as it gets here, with Chandler burying that big, thick dick of his inside Blake’s eager hole! There’s no doubt Blake loves having Chandler up in him, his own dick hard and pointing skyward as he first sits down on Chandler’s cock.

As Chandler fucks Blake’s ass, every single thrust makes Blake moan and whimper. It’s always a treat seeing Chandler’s big dick sliding in and out of an ass, and that’s as true here as ever. Further, it’s as if every thrust from Chandler makes Blake’s own cock get harder and harder! At the end, Chandler uses the load he just fucked out of Blake to lube his own cock on his way to one of his signature massive loads.

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