Kellan finally gets fucked, by Connor! (Corbin Fisher)


Super stud Kellan is finally getting fucked – by Connor! Connor is turning into an amazing, hung, muscle hunk, so who better to break in Kellan’s virgin ass? Enjoy this really hot scene!

Kellan and Connor are both two of my favorites at Corbin Fisher. Click here to check out more scenes!

We have most definitely waited far too long for this moment, but don’t worry – everything you’re about to see is worth that wait!

Kellan’s getting fucked!

We know this young stud looks even better today than when he first appeared on CF ages ago. We know he is passionate, intense, and hyper-sexual. We know Kellan’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless – and now we get to see those facial expressions while Kellan has Connor’s big dick in his ass!

Hang on tight, as we’re Breaking in Kellan!

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