Cy and Lane are two sexy straight studs (Chaos Men)


Sexy straight studs trying new things? Sounds like fun, especially when they’re trying hot gay sex! Enjoy the scene!

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Cy gave bottoming a try for a short period during the Edge  video I did with him. He was pretty sure he could do a whole scene. Right now he is in a “Bi”  stage, but I think the idea of bottoming appeals to him more than topping.

Lane was down for topping a guy, though at the end of this video he did say he had bottomed once and stayed hard the entire time. I love it when they slip that bit of information in AFTER the shoot.  Not sure what to make of that. I guess maybe he was surprised that Cy never really got hard when he was getting fucked and he thought he could.

There is not a lot of smooth experienced action. You have to be a fan of ‘nervous first-timers’ to appreciate this video.  Both guys are into it, but like many first time fuck films it struggles with newbie action.

Cy certainly seems to be enjoying getting fucked, and Lane is a natural dominant Top, but they both seem a little unsure about what to do, hesitant to touch or make the first move.

I know that isn’t much of a selling point to get you guys to join, but I have had so many amazing energetic videos lately, that a ‘newbie’ video really shows the difference in experience.

So if you are fan of guys trying out things for the first time, this video is for you!

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