Milan Sharp and Thomas Swings have some twinky, sporty fun (Staxus)


Milan Sharp is one hung twink, and Thomas Swings is one cute, curly-haired boy! A hot match makes for a hot scene! Enjoy these two sporty twinks!

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Sometimes (often to our surprise) it’s the little things in life that can spark some of the most intense experiences – as Thomas Swings and Milan Sharp find out when they discover a discarded jockstrap in their local gym. After all, who would’ve thought that something so seemingly inconsequential could result in these two horned-up lads engaging in one of the hottest escapades you’re likely to have seen in a long, long time?

Then again, what else would you expect from a couple of pals who clearly both get off on the idea of sniffing a stranger’s underwear? These guys are mega-horny and ripe for a sweaty, bareback fuck; but first they engage in an almost obligatory suck-fest, taking turns to feast on all that hard uncut flesh on display. Let’s face it though, a fellow like Milan Sharp is never really gonna be happy until his ass is bouncing off raw dick, and suffice it to say that it’s not long before that’s exactly what’s taking place.

The contrast between Sharp’s pale, white skin and his mate’s tanned hide only adds to the enchantment of this pairing; but it’s the bottom’s characteristically insatiable sexual appetite that really makes this scene rock big time. Climaxing in Swings blasting his pent-up wad all over the lad’s face and chest. If that isn’t a fitting response to finding some sexy guy’s jockstrap we don’t know what is!

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