Alexander Syden and Ethan White are British sporty boys (Staxus)


It’s football time! And afterward, of course, it’s balls-draining time with Alexander and Ethan! These super twinks are experts are using their nice cocks for extreme pleasure – we hope you enjoy it!

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After a hot, sweaty game of football, what could possibly be better than heading straight for the showers to get cleaned up? Certainly Ethan White and Alexander Syden don’t appear to have any better idea, that’s for sure; stripping away their kits to wash themselves down in a cascade of warm, soapy water. Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived, however. Whilst getting clean is clearly the primary objective here for this pair of horny young twinks, it’s certainly not the only one; and it’s not long before the two boys are taking full advantage of their situation to explore each other’s cute, naked bodies.

Cue a fabulous session of eager cock-sucking and ass-rimming that’ll have you wishing that you’d given much greater attention to your footballing skills when you were younger! Don’t get too despondent, though. White and Syden are more than able ambassadors for their sport, not least of all when Syden finally succumbs to temptation and allows his mate to fuck him up the ass raw – a move that we just know our fans are gonna love big time!

Has shower-sex ever looked so beguiling? Certainly these two lads seem to have the time of their lives; with Syden literally getting the cum banged out of him, before taking a sticky facial courtesy of White’s erupting cockhead! As post-match analysis goes, this one’s a definite winner!

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