Johnny shows off his abs (Island Studs)


Come on Johnny, you should be more tan as an Island Stud! But you’re sexy enough as it is anyway, so you’re all good…especially with those abs! Enjoy checking out Johnny!

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“Oh man! I love this guy!” Sexy Johnny says referring to his rock hard cock as he strokes furiously! Johnny is a precision metal worker with an AMAZING 8-pack of abs and a tight hairless bubble butt. Proud of his ripped abs and smooth muscle body, this short handsome athlete, 20 years old, 5’6″ and 140 lbs, LOVES showing off his solid boner and SEX DRIVE for Island Studs. Horny Johnny was so turned on by being photographed naked for the very FIRST TIME that his HARD COCK is STIFF for almost the entire shoot. Johnny lifts weights with a HARD COCK while sweating in the hot Hawaiian sun. Listen to sexy Johnny describe his ‘best body features’ on camera. “The abs,” he says, “everyone definitely likes my abs.” Watch Johnny’s hard dick and big balls swing between his legs as he climbs a ladder to remove patio rope lights outside fully naked! This smooth nudist jock is NOT TO BE MISSED! Our cameras capture Johnny’s ROCK HARD naked body from every angle as he sweats and works outside. Check out his perfect bubble butt when he is high up a ladder for us all to see! He even takes a LONG hands-free piss with a full erection outside in the garden while flexing and posing his strong upper body muscles. This blue collar Stud’s throbbing dick is still hard when he shakes off the last few drops of his pee. Johnny sits down to enjoy his beautiful hard cock and balls. He really puts on a show for us: moaning, rubbing his smooth ball sack and closing his eyes in ecstasy as he strokes his throbbing cock. Watch as Johnny shoots huge gobs of thick white cum all over his ripped 8-pack abs! What a massive jizz shot! Covered in his own sweat and cum, Johnny jumps in the shower for a sexy soapy shower scene! Watch this sexy blue collar Stud lather up his body with sudsy soap. If you LOVE short smooth man/boys sexy Johnny is for you! Check out his perfect bubble butt with soap dripping off it. Johnny looks great dripping wet! Smiling, gym body Johnny and his raging boner is our NEW favorite all-American blue collar boy on Island Studs. Enjoy!

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