Gill O’Neil shows off his nice dick (Squirtz)


Gill is such a cutie! Too bad he’s straight…but maybe for some sexy, sexy cash, he’d let a guy suck on that big dick in his next scene? Let’s hope so – we want to see more of Gill’s smile!

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At Squirtz we have a weak spot for sexy, straight guys and Gill O’Neil is one of the sexiest (and unfortunately one of the straightest). We thought it would be fun to analyze Gill the way Sherlock Holmes might do in the popular BBC series:  First, the scars and scratches on his knuckles  and forearms show that Gill gets in fights from time to time and the fact that his face is so pretty and unscarred would suggests that he generally wins. Even through his loose shirt you can see that he has a lean but powerful upper body, the kind of shape that comes from being physically active rather than from working out at the gym. Simple, understated clothing and lack of noticeable adornments are testimony to the fact that Gill is unselfconscious about his looks and, in many ways, is entirely unaffected by how good looking he is. As we talked to him we noticed that Gill can go from a beaming smile to a dark scowl in the blink of an eye which may explain how he ends up in fights so often. You don’t wanna piss this guy off. Finally there is just one thing that you can’t deduce from observing Gill fully clothed: he has a big, fat cock.

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