Ashton and Ethan flip flop (Southern Strokes)


Ashton and Ethan are both “straight,” curious, and in need of a little extra cash – I think you know where this is leading! Enjoy watching these two Southern studs sucking and fucking each other!

Check out more cuties as they have some fun at the Lake House at Southern Strokes.

This video would have to go down as one of those scenes that almost ended before it started.  It was early on when we filmed Ashton and Ethan at the Lake House.  Ashton was new to the site and our members couldn’t get enough of him.  We promised Ashton a chance to do the fucking so when straight boy Ethan showed up looking to make some extra money…..

Straight boy Ethan was always “up for whatever” from the first time he pulled into the Lake House on his scooter.  Ethan was literally blown up when he was in the Army and there is no question that it has had its affect on Ethan’s mind as well as his body.  It’s made him lose his inhibitions and let him enjoy any situation.

Ashton didn’t seem to be feeling it at first but as soon as the boys got naked, I think Ashton went into trick mode and decided to make Ethan please him.  Ashton started by grabbing the back of Ethan’s head and moving it over Ashton’s hard cock.  Next our hot little college stud Ashton, bent Ethan over the couch and mounted him doggie.

Ethan closed his eyes and started stroking his cock and balls in unison with Ashton’s pounding.  Ashton’s throbbing cock we getting harder with every thrust.  We were taking bets on how long it would take for Ashton to abandon his top role and let Ethan have at his ass.  Ashton opened up wide so that Ethan could drill him deep.  These dirty boys ended this session by swapping loads along with some giggles.

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