Connor Levi and Ethan White show off their twinkiness (Staxus)


Connor and Ethan are two of the slimmest, twinkiest twinks you might ever see! But just because their bodies are lean and small doesn’t mean that their cocks aren’t big and ready to play! Enjoy their sofa scene!

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Some guys attract trouble wherever they go. Others, like Connor Levi, just seem to attract hot, horny guys – which in some instances can be trouble in itself! So we shouldn’t be too surprised when we see the fellow propositioned at the mere drop of a hat – in this particular instance by Ethan White, who literally can’t wait to get the fellow into his council flat for a sordid session of sucking and fucking Britladz-style.

In fairness to White, Levi doesn’t appear to hold out any moral resistance to the invitation; and before you have chance to catch your breath (or even unzip your fly) the two twinks are smooching on the sofa like a couple of bitches in season. What’s more, in no time at all the lads are pulling away their pants and engaging in a “getting-to-know-you” session like no other, feasting on each other’s dicks with all the fire and energy you’d expect from boys their age.

So it comes as little wonder when, just a few minutes later, Levi’s lowering his pert little ass down on his mate’s pecker, riding all that delicious hardness down to White’s tight balls. What may surprise is how the roles are reversed half-way through, White taking Levi’s raw cock to the hilt like a pro. But the ultimate finale will be just how you expect it – oodles of pent-up jizz from both lads that leaves the horny pair looking well sticky and satisfied!

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