Dylan Hall and Andy Taylor play with Christian Collins (8teenboy)


Christian Collins has such a fit, shredded body and a nice, big dick – and Dylan Hall and Andy Taylor know it! That’s why they’re going to make Christian their own personal plaything as they first suck on his cock and then take turns riding and bouncing on it! Enjoy the scene!

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All-American blond twink Dylan Hall, cutie Andy Taylor and sexy stud Christian Collins star in this insanely hot threesome. Dylan and Andy start things off by taking turns sucking and slurping on Christian’s long smooth cock. Before long Christian is splitting Dylan in two while Andy deep throats the blond twink’s raging boner. Andy gets really horny and switches positions with Dylan and takes his turn riding Christian’s rock hard dick. By the end of this suck and fuckfest the three twinks are covered in sweat and cum.

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