Connor Levi and MacKenzie Cross are naughty schoolboys (Staxus)


Connor and MacKenzie are two naughty schooltwinks who are hungry for some lunchtime cock! With friends like Connor or MacKenzie, who would ever go back to class in the first place? Enjoy their scene!

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Boys playing truant? Surely a responsible company such as ours shouldn’t be encouraging such behaviour! But who doesn’t remember what it was like to be a horny teenager, with a body filled with raging hormones and a mind that just couldn’t think of anything other than the next hot fuck …?! So whilst we all know that Connor Levi and MacKenzie Cross should be back at the chalk-face stretching their brain cells, we can also totally understand why they’ve headed off home for a very carnal lunchtime workout that’ll see Cross’ ass-hole stretched like never before!

To begin with, mind, there’s a great deal of mutual cock-worship to be enjoyed, as the lads train their attention on the sizeable tools found nestling beneath their school uniforms. It’s not too long, however, before Cross is allowing his natural urges and instincts to take over, sliding down on Levi’s raw knob and riding it like a total bitch on heat.

Thereafter it’s a case of the youngster getting ass-banged like never before – the sound of Levi’s balls slapping against his ass only adding to the excitement – before both lads rupture their nads like geysers. Skiving from class rarely looks so much fun!

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