Axel Ducharme shows off his hot cock! (Videoboys)


A sexy, lean skater boy? Sounds like fun! And Axel does look like he knows how to have fun – look at those tattoos and skateboarding skills! Oh, and don’t forget his hung cock! I sure would like to go for a ride…enjoy the scene!

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We knew that little cutie Axel Ducharme and Jimmy Little first met each other at the skate park but we had no idea that Axel was such a dedicated skater boy. And we¬†have a thing for skater boys. So Axel took us out to a de facto skate park in his neighbourhood and we learned a little something about his world. There among the skaters, thugs and junkies, Alex showed us some of his moves. We were impressed with his skate skills but equally interested just in Axel as a person. The skater clothes, the jailhouse tattoos and his native mastery of his inner city surroundings reflect something of a real skater boy spirit that we find really sexy. So when he got inside for a post-skate jerk off session we wanted to see how a real skater boy does it. All the clothes come off course. That’s the best way to see the contrast between his skinny little body and his big fat cock. But throughout the entire session the carefully positioned cap and skater shoes stay on.

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