Nicholas Reed and Evan Parker have outdoor fun (8teenboy)


Evan and Nicholas are ready to have some sexy fun outdoors on top of their sleeping bags! Sexy and studly twink top Evan is once again plowing a hot ass, this time belonging to lean blondie Nicholas! Enjoy watching the sun glisten on the boys’ loads!

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Blond hottie Nicholas Reed and cute twink Evan Parker bump and grind in the great outdoors. Evan gets hungry after a hike in the woods so he chows down on Nicholas’ big hard sausage. Nicholas is quick to take his turn sucking on Evan’s ragging boner and after the all the oral fun Nicholas grabs a tree branch and holds on for dear life while Evan fucks his tight little boy hole. Good thing no was around because Nicholas can’t help but cry with joy while Evan drives his cock deep inside. The two twinks finish things off by blowing their loads all over Nicholas’ sexy little tummy.

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