Alex Candy, Lex Blonde, and Kamyk Walker in a twinky three way (Staxus)


Alex Candy is a cute dancer boy with a very twinky name, and he is about to get taught a very twinky lesson by fellow dancers Lex and Kamyk! These fit, lean twinks are in for a fun dance class! Enjoy!

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Young show-time wannabe, Alex Candy, thinks he’s in for a boring dancing lesson as he prepares himself for class, but is he in for the shock of his life or what? The arrival of Lex Blonde and Kamyk Walker turns any previous plans he had completely on their head, as the two pals immediately get to work on Candy’s dick, taking turns to suck the handsome weapon into life.

Not that it needs much encouragement, it must be said. Candy is rock-hard in next to no time; and it’s little wonder that the boy is soon quite literally gagging for the feel of meat inside him. A wish that Walker is only too eager and willing to help make come true, as he promptly forces his way into the randy little bottom’s ass and starts to fuck away with merry abandon. Shortly afterwards, and having been worked into quite a lather by all this attention from Walker, the lad is then riding Blonde’s raw pole cowboy-style – underlining his credentials as a total dick-slut whose only existence is to satisfy the sexual demands of his peers.

There’s certainly plenty of evidence in this fine escapade to prove the point; and the manner with which he wraps things up by kneeling down and taking gooey, chin-dripping facials from both his kinky co-stars highlights the assertion.

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