Corey and Drew have a hot first time (Active Duty)


It’s straight soldier time! It’s Drew’s first time getting fucked and Corey’s first time fucking, so you’re in for a hot scene! Lucky Drew gets such a big dick inside him for his first time! Way to open him up, Corey! Enjoy!

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Mike has found two new recruits that are so sexy, we just had to skip ahead to releasing their hardcore debut! The scene starts out with Corey and Drew on the bed where we learn they’ve agreed to do a double jerk session. However, in the heat of the moment we end up with the two first timers going all the way! These guys have fantastic bodies, so it’s no wonder that it went so far. Drew has sucked before, in a scene we haven’t released yet, so he doesn’t take long to go down on Corey. Drew asks if hung Corey wants to top him, and Corey jumps at the chance to try something new. Having only done his solo, Corey first crosses the line and sucks Drew as payment for what’s to follow. Corey gets a finger and then 2 into the new recruit. When it’s time for Corey to slide in his big tool, Drew hesitates and tries to back out, but Corey reassures him and we’re off! Drew spends the whole time trying to process the pain and pleasure of the new experience, while Corey enjoys pounding away at the tight hole until he explodes all over him. In the wrap-up, Drew says that “practice makes perfect.” Let’s hope we get to see these guys continue to hone their skills.

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