Smith fucks Quinn (Corbin Fisher)


Wow, Smith is so studly! We’ve never seen him before since he’s been exclusively “straight” for Corbin Fisher co-ed scenes, but we’re glad we don’t have to miss out on his hot body and great cock anymore! Quinn makes sure that his first gay fucking is a good one by riding Smith nice and hard! Enjoy!

Check out more of sexy Smith and Quinn at Corbin Fisher by clicking here.

This is a video I thought we might never get to film – super stud Smith fucking a guy! Smith first appeared on CF so long ago, and seemed so uninterested in giving guy/guy action a shot, I’d almost written off any possibility we’d ever convince him to stick that hot cock of his in another man’s ass.

I made it a point to stay in touch with Smith, though, hoping that eventually and at some point he’d be somewhat open to the idea. After loads of text messages back and forth and the occasional phone call, I could tell Smith was gradually opening up to the idea. He knew the money would be good, but also was more and more open to the idea that it’d likely feel really good!

I’m betting Smith definitely found it all felt really, really good as he pounded Quinn’s hole with his hot dick! Smith is by no means selfish, either, getting Quinn’s cock in to his mouth to suck on it for awhile and also pulling Quinn in for some passionate kissing.

Smith is hot, and we’ve all known that for quite some time. But just wait until you see this stud finally fucking a guy!

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