Chandler gets fucked by Harper (Corbin Fisher)


Oh no! I love it when sexy Chandler is the top…his hung cock is just so hot! I guess he has to bottom once in a while though…and the studly Harper is a good candidate to fuck him! Enjoy watching these two hotties have their fun!

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Harper and Chandler make for an ideal pairing – Harper is the kind of guy that definitely feeds off of his partner’s sexual energy, and Chandler has more sexual energy than most anyone else.

You know that when you get these two together, Chandler is going to be intense and horny as hell, Harper is going to match every single bit of that energy, and the sex that follows is going to be pretty wild.

That’s precisely what we have here, as Harper fucks Chandler deep and hard and Chandler loves every single bit of it. We’re so used to seeing Chandler top guys with that big, fat dick of his but he’s as hot a bottom as he is a top – and you can tell with the action here he had been itching for some hard dick in his ass for awhile!

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