Thomas Swings, Sven Laarson, and Connor Levi love school! (Staxus)


Oh wait, that title was supposed to read that they “MAKE love AT school!” Whoops – that’s a big difference! Enjoy watching these three lean schooltwinks have their fun!

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Some might call it walking into the wrong place at the wrong time. Others (and we include most of our fans here) would regard it as the complete opposite. But whatever view you take, there’s no disguising the surprise that Connor Levi gets when he steps into a room and discovers fellow students, Thomas Swings and Sven Laarson, sifting through the drawers of a desk.

Their reason for pilfering is never dwelt upon; but their reaction to being interrupted is immediate, as Levi is pushed down onto the desk and promptly drawn into a no-holds-barred suck-and-fuck threesome that’ll have you wanking off in next to no time. Not that the cute Brit-boy shows any sign of resistance. Indeed he’s clearly more than willing to engage in their antics, slurping on both dicks on offer like the common whore that we’ve long-since known him to be. But whether you expect to see Swings thrusting up the fellow’s ass and Laarson banging down his throat quite as quickly as actually proves to be the case is another matter entirely.

Still, the ever cock-mad Levi has never been one to do things by half, and by the time his assailants have reversed places the whole situation seems the most natural thing in the world! As indeed does the sight of the lad taking Swing’s load in his mouth, whilst Laarson spurts over his belly. Some boys are just born to be dirty bitches, whatever circumstances life throws up – and Levi’s one of those boys!

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