Jaxon Radoc fucks Skylar Blu (Staxus)


Well hello sexy and smooth Staxus twinks! Skylar is an extra horny bottom boy today, so he has Jaxon double-dick his tight little ass with his own nice cock and a dildo! Enjoy their hot twinky hookup (and their stylish undies)!

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With his near-legendary libido, it’s no fucking wonder that Skylar Blu makes the most of every opportunity that comes his way to give his beautiful dick some much-needed solo attention; but the arrival of company, in the form of Aussie-boy, Jaxon Radoc, appears only to increase his burgeoning sexual desire all the more. Not that that should come as any great surprise, of course. Radoc is a spunky stud in every sense of the word, and takes full advantage of the fact that Blu is one of the ultimate sluts in the biz.

Within minutes he’s tugging on the Brit lad’s love-pole and rimming the guy’s ass, which appears only to push Blu onto an even higher carnal plateau than before – if indeed that’s possible! But given the level of bedroom experience that the fellow has had in recent years, it always takes a certain extra something to impress Blu. Fortunately for him, this truly spunktastic escapade sees him teamed up with a youngster who’s more than capable of thinking outside the box and going the extra mile.

Cue the introduction of some rather unorthodox toy-play, during which Radoc gives his mate’s pucker a real hard work out, including a double-penetration cock-and-dildo fuck! No soddin’ wonder that Blu has such a broad grin on his face, as his pal from down under helps stretch his ass to a whole new level. The result, not at all surprisingly, is very, very gooey and sticky – exactly how our fans love it!

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