Kellan bottoms for Tom (Corbin Fisher)


Mmm, Kellan! Such a yummy straight boy…who just happens to be bottoming for the hung Tom in this hot scene! We can never get enough of Kellan’s sexiness! Enjoy watching him get fucked (for only the second time!) by Tom’s hot cock!

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Immediately after seeing Kellan get fucked for the first time recently, I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing him get fucked some more! Kellan’s first bottoming experience certainly did not disappoint (him, nor us!) – his facial expressions as he felt a dick in his ass for the first time were priceless, and it was obvious he was blown away by how great it felt just as much as we were blown away by how hot he looked while on the receiving end of his first cock.

Now, we get to see this stud get fucked again, with CF fave Tom being the lucky stud drilling Kellan’s hole! These two guys waste no time getting in to it, and you can tell they were each ready for some intense action. While Kellan spends some quality time fucking Tom’s mouth at the outset, the real action takes place when Tom gets his cock buried in Kellan’s hole and starts to fuck him fast and hard!

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