Connor Levi gets plowed by Justin Conway (Staxus)


Yep, it’s time for me sexy Staxus schooltwinks! This time Connor and Justin are having their horny lessons in geography class. Sure, there are plenty of hot guys around the world, but why wait when there’s another twink right there with you? Enjoy watching Justin plow Connor!

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We can’t for one moment claim that the boys who attend the STAXUS academy are destined to get the best academic results, but when it comes to us providing them with the opportunity to see the world – not to mention plenty of hard cock! – ours is one institution that can never be criticised. As horny blonds Connor Levi and Justin Conway would almost certainly testify.

Of course, you don’t need to be any kind of educational expert to appreciate that the academy boasts a somewhat unusual study ethos – after all, where else would students be allowed to sup alcohol and suck dick during the course of a lesson? But which of our fans (or indeed our students) is gonna complain? Not this pair of pumped-up fuckers, that’s for sure, as Brit-boy Levi takes the chance to feast on every meaty inch that his Czech counterpart, Conway, has to offer! Of course, what Levi really wants – and what he soon gets, it must be admitted – is that same hard shaft stuffed right between his buttocks; and it’s with almost a sense of heightened relief when Conway finally stakes his raw claim on Levi’s eager little pucker.

Thereafter, the dirty bitch is pretty much in full spate, being crudely fucked over a desk and used as a mere vessel for his mate’s relief; and it’s no small wonder that he’s soon knocking out a fine load in appreciation, before Conway seals the deal by nutting all over the twink’s expectant face!

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