Cutie Maxwell’s solo show (Squirtz)


Maxwell sure is a slim, smooth, twinky cutie! Enjoy watching him work a load out of his nice cock!

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Life is great when an apparent disappointing circumstance turns into a great opportunity. We had an appointment to shoot a hot young guy one afternoon and he called up to say that he couldn’t make it for that day. We expressed our disappointment and to make up for it the model asked us if his brother could take his place. We had never met the brother and had serious doubts that this “blind date” would work out. But when Maxwell appeared at our door our doubts turned to delight. Right from the start Maxwell’s smile and friendly manner just had us eating out of his hand. And of course those dimples, who could resist. And then as the clothes came off and we saw that eager hardon and a really meaty ass our porn crush was complete. Oh please, Lord, let him get just a little bit bisexual!

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