Blake blows a nice load (Southern Strokes)


Oh Blake, you Southern stud you! Blake has a tight, athletic body with a nice cock – we hope you enjoy watching him stroke out a nice load!

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The first time I met Blake, he was hanging out with his buddy Brandon and another one of their friends. Brandon had already pulled his huge cock out at the lake house a few times and he called me to ask if he could bring a buddy by and see if we wanted to see him get naked. I can’t ever think of a time that I’ve said NO to a question like that.

Blake took one step in the door and I could feel my cock try to bust out of my pants. Blake isn’t the tallest southern stud we’ve cum across but he sure does pack one hit country punch. His piercing blue eyes, million dollar; I’m gonna fuck your brains out smile,  and his I know you want a taste of my big uncut attitude has made him the single most requested stud in our stable.

Blake asked if we wanted to see what he was packing before we got started and before I could say yes, he dropped his drawers and pulled out a big fat dick. I almost forgot what he was here for and automatically reached out to get a feel for myself. Blake loves to be touched which was obvious as his cock swelled in my hand.

We spent the day out by the lake taking pics of Blake to the approval of lots of onlookers. At one point we had Blake naked on the shore trying to keep is all from being arrested but we just couldn’t hid his swollen cock. Blake really wanted to blast his load all over his stomach in the out doors but we thought we would save that so he would have to cum see us again. Blake finally drained his manhood all over his stomach giving us all a much needed release.

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