Kellan pounds Kenny (Corbin Fisher)


Hooray, time for more of the pecstacular, beefy, and beautiful Kellan! Kenny is the cute, fit, bubble-butted bottom who gets to have fun with Kellan! Enjoy their hot scene!

Kellan is certainly a stud. Kenny is another sexy cutie. Click here now to check out more scenes with them and others at Corbin Fisher.

Why might we call this video, “Kellan and Kenny Get Dirty”? Well, given what these two studs get in to here, there was simply nothing else we could call it!

Once they get to fucking, Kellan doesn’t let his cock out of Kenny’s hole – unless it’s to feed it to Kenny’s hungry mouth before starting to pound him some more.

The fucking is hard, deep, loud and intense, and there’s no denying Kenny could not get enough of Kellan’s cock in him. For his part, Kellan was loving every single bit of drilling Kenny’s hot ass, and you could see and hear just how turned on Kellan was as he fucked a massive load out of Kenny. All of it was just about too much for Kellan, his own powerful orgasm taking him by surprise as he pulls out to drench Kenny’s ass in cum before fucking him some more and then eating his own load out of Kenny’s cum-soaked hole!

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