Colby London practices with a dildo (Videoboys)


Here’s more of cutie Colby, a cute name for a cute boy! Apparently Colby thought he was straight, but is slowly realizing he likes cocks and cock-shaped things. Enjoy watching Colby explore uncharted territory – both mentally and physically!

Enjoy watching Colby play with his tight hole. Cool, then click here to check him in out in some solo fun at Videoboys.

It’s a slow process. Not much more than a year ago, Colby London’s sex life was entirely focused on women. But in his mind, he was aware of his attraction to guys and he’s been acting on it in baby steps. First it was just making out, then he graduated up to oral sex with guys. It wasn’t until earlier this year that Colby first fucked a guy and now his curiosity has gotten the better of him and he’s wondering what it might be like to be the fuckee rather than the fucker. But it wouldn’t be wise to jump right in without a little practice so Colby is kicking off his move toward bottoming by practicing with a dildo he picked out himself.

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