Blake Hanson examines Daniel Prince (Staxus)


Uh oh, poor Daniel! He’s injured and needs some help…good thing his school is wealthy enough to have a doctor! Dr. Blake is very good at what he does – and he has all the right tools to work with! He has one special tool in particular that’s going to help Daniel at great deal…we hope you enjoy watching the examination!

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Young Daniel Prince has strained the muscle at the top of his thigh, and it looks like there’s only one person who can possibly hope to bring him relief – namely the school doctor, Blake Hanson. To be fair, if Hanson was your doctor you’d no doubt be complaining of similar conditions and booking regular appointments, but that’s another story!

Needless to say, the dashing blond medic is soon able to prescribe a course of treatment that quickly takes Prince’s mind off any pain or discomfort he’s been experiencing, grabbing hold of the student’s dick and giving it the kind of deep-throated resuscitation that it almost certainly cries out for on a daily basis. As a doctor, of course, all this would be totally unethical in the real world; in porn, however, it’s something that’s unbelievably hot and which will have you jerking off in next to no time! Suffice it to say that Prince is soon responding in kind, slurping on Hanson’s love-rod; before crouching down and sitting on the swollen shaft, savouring every thick, raw inch that the doctor has got to offer.

It’s dirty, it’s in your face, it’s totally fuckin’ fantastic – you can almost smell the sweat as these two beauties groan and rut like a pair on tom cats on heat! By the time Hanson’s taken a more dominant position, banging up Prince’s ass from above, there’s every good chance you’ll have jizzed. If not, the concluding sight of both cute lads dumping their wads will make it a certainty!

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