Jake Jensen plays with some toys (Bentley Race)


Jake is a red-headed Irish stud who really loves to make his cock explode! First he tries out a fleshlight, but soon moves on to a pretty big dildo! Enjoy watching Jake blow a nice big load!

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It has been the middle of winter in Australia so filming had slowed down a little. But when cute guys like Jake Jensen come along I can’t resist pulling out the cameras for a shoot. Jake is an Irish gay boy now living in Melbourne. The 21 year old student couldn’t wait to get his gear off when he arrived for his shoot with Zac. But first the guys headed out to the river side to get a few outdoor shots in the sun before returning to Zac’s room to get naked. I like Jake’s boyish looks and his blond furry bum. But check out the fat uncut dick when he pulls aside that jockstrap! Jake had a bit of fun with Zac’s toys too. It was his first time trying out a fleshlight, but he was more interested in riding that fat dildo. Eventually after giving himself a good fucking Jake blew cum all over himself as Zac filmed him from above. What a nice way to spend a winter’s afternoon in Melbourne.

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