Kyler gets serviced (Club Amateur USA)


Is it just me, or are there a lot of Kylers in porn these days? Anyway, this Kyler is a supposedly straight boy with curly hair and a somewhat smooth body – and boy does he sure seem to enjoy getting his nice cock milked! We hope you enjoy watching it, too!

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While I appreciate the circumstance that brought him back to the studio, Kyler first took his out, but now later in the night returned of his own volition. As a result & regardless of free choice, he was intent upon not exhibiting any emotional response to the physical pleasure that he was experiencing, but unfortunately, Kyler had three “tells” that betrayed his intent. Firstly, watch his closed eyes & you will see the rolling eyeballs under his lids; secondly, watch his abdominal muscles & you will see his labored breathing & involuntary body spasms. Finally, the fact that Kyler came 12 minutes into being on the CAUSA massage table & came a second time about 34 minutes into it, certainly did not lend credence to his protestations of straight-dom. Me thinks he doth protest too much…

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