Jaxon Radoc fucks Tim Law (Staxus)


It’s time for more Staxus schoolboy fun! We sure have been seeing a lot of Jaxon lately…and there sure are a lot of sexy twinks going to see him for his services lately! I wonder what’s up? Maybe it’s his deliciously hung twink cock? That’s what Tim Law seems to want, and trust us, you’ll want it too! Enjoy the scene!

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As the age-old saying goes, boys will be boys; so it should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever when students Jaxon Radoc and Tim Law take every advantage of the school doctor’s absence to run riot in the medical room, fishing out a pack of condoms and (in Radoc’s case) putting a rubber on his dick! But of course, as we know all too well by now, both these lads like their sex to be just as nature intended, and it surely comes as no surprise when Aussie-boy Radoc removes the offending article from his knob so that Law can start slurping on the big fat schlong for all it’s worth.

At which point uniforms begin to fly and bare flesh definitely becomes the order of the day! Unsurprisingly, given the quality of meat on offer, both boys are soon having their fill of hot dick in turn; but it’s clear from the start that Law’s appetite for a good rubber-free fuck is gonna dominate proceedings, and before you know it he’s positioned himself out on the sick-bench like a bitch in season.

Fact is, he’s a guy who just needs to feel dick in his ass on an almost constant basis; and the relief on his cute little face is almost palpable as Radoc docks his meaty, bare ramrod in the fellow’s fuck-hole. What ensues is a sweaty, cum-inducing coupling that’ll have you knocking out loads aplenty; culminating in Radoc blasting his wad over his pal’s belly before sticking his pole back inside and fucking the jizz out of Law’s balls!

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