Connor Levi gets double penetrated by Oscar Roberts and Rhys Casey (Staxus)


Oh silly Staxus twinks, stop pretending to be muscular soldiers and embrace your sexy, lean twinkiness! Connor is the lucky bottom boy in this hot scene who gets to take on and take in Rhys’s and Oscar’s hot cocks! And he does so at the same time! Enjoy!

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Camaraderie is always an important aspect of army life – if nothing else, mutual trust between soldiers can be the difference between life and death – but whether your average member of the army takes matters to the extreme of these three beauties is another matter entirely. Then again, maybe Rhys Casey, Connor Levi and Oscar Roberts are not your average combatants given that their idea of manhandling weaponry involves not so much battlefield-play as hungry mouths and even hungrier ass-holes!

A task that all three adopt with relish, with Levi (not unexpectedly) acting as the centrepiece of their sordid antics! This trio of hyped-up sluts is set at high-speed drive right from the start, taking turns to suck dick and finger ass with almost breathtaking gusto; before Levi finally establishes himself as the focal point of all that testosterone-fuelled fury, taking both his pal’s hard, uncut shafts in turn.

But as is so often the case with a boy like this, whose existence appears to be wholeheartedly centred on the quest for the next spunk-inducing fuck-fest, Levi’s never gonna be happy until he’s got both his mates pounding away at his love-hole at the same time – a feat he achieves with typical dexterity and which acts (unsurprisingly) as the pinnacle of excitement. The result? A tremendous spew over Levi’s face thanks to Casey’s exploded knob-head, plus oodles of jizz over his belly from Roberts!

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